MAT555E-Statistical Data Analysis for Comp. Sciences

Course Instructor: Gül İnan

Announcement: We will have Serdar Kiraz from Beymen Advanced Analytics as a guest lecturer on December 6, 2022. He will teach us “Tree-based Algorithms” from industry perspective.

Course Summary:

MAT555E is a graduate level course which aims to provide an introduction to commonly used statistical methods for inference and prediction problems in data analysis. The course will harmonize statistical theory and data analysis through examples. This course is designed such that:

  • The methods covered will include supervised learning algorithms with a focus on regression and classification problems and unsupervised learning algorithms with a focus on clustering problems,
  • Extensions of these methods to high-dimensional settings will also be discussed, and
  • Application of these methods to data analysis problems and their software implementation will be done via Python.

At the end of the semester, the students are expected:

  • To be fluent in the fundamental principles behind several statistical methods,
  • To be able to apply statistical methods to real life problems and data sets, and
  • To be prepared for more advanced coursework or scientific research in machine learning and related fields.

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GitHub Classroom link for in-class activities:

Course Prerequisites:

Since the course also touches on the mathematical and statistical theory behind the methods and uses Python for implementation, this course requires the following background:

Class Schedule:

CRN 14267: Tuesdays between 14:30-17:30 at OBL3 (Computer Lab).